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Happy New Year + Tune Of….The Past 2 Weeks + Stray Landings: Residual Rifts

2 Jan

BBeen a while since I posted, but here’s first post of 2012, hope everyone sickied as much as I did on NYE, wouldn’t be right if you didn’t.

First off my boys at Stray Landings have finally put their compilation Residual Rifts up for download on the facebook page:


Featuring work from myself, Stavrogin, Ka & others, remember to get to their 2nd night at the jazz place in Brighton this wednesday


Also tune of the past 2 weeks.


Breach & Midland – 101

Everyone knows Breach for his absolute stomper “Fatherless”, his recent unreleased cuts being featured in mixes all over the shop are something else, I’d put all of em up here if I could, I just hope they get released, proper vibing chords, House Euphoria. Keep em comin’ Breach


Tune of The Week

11 Dec

Boddika & Joy Orbison keep bringing the fire. All of their tunes so far unreleased. Swims destroyed almost every club/festival i went to this year, then they took the sound even further with Froth, then again with Mercy and now this. Dun Dun, an absolutely stomping techno vibed house tune, (perhaps biting Blawan/Karenn’s style a little hard) but nonetheless, huge huge tune.

Tune Of The Week

2 Dec

Ray hurley is another extremely underrated producer from the late 90’s early 00’s garage/house era, been hunting down all his records on discogs recently and this is one of my favvies. pure vibes on this one!

Tune of The Week

24 Nov

Heard this a while back in Tyler The Creator’s Summer Camp Mix, never knew what it was until I heard it again recently, I never delved into T.I. brushing him off as rubbish commercial RnB in the same vain as Jason Derulo and all them dickheads. But he’s actually a great artist, and this tune is on point, such a summer beat!

Tune(S?) Of The Week

18 Nov

I had to do 2 this week simply because I have been rinsing both the albums these tracks have come from so hard this week I couldn’t just pick one:


Balam Acab – Now Time From Wander/Wonder

Truly a beautiful piece of music, similar in vibe to Burial but a lot more uplifting as opposed to downcast and slowed down to a sluggish hip hop tempo. I think this kinda gets lumped in with that not-quite-there-and-not-quite-necessary genre ‘Drag House/Witch House’?? Who knows, either way I like it.


Clams Casino – All I Need From Clams Casino Instrumental Mixtape

I’ve been sitting on this album for quite some time without genuinely delving into it properly, until hearing the recent A$AP Rocky mixtape and learning a lot of the beats on it were made by Clams Casino, I then went back and listened to the instrumental mixtape and instantly fell in love with it. Similar in vibe to the Balam Acab track I posted, but a lot more mournful, perfect wintertime music.


Tune Of The Week

3 Nov

NY’s A$AP Rocky let loose his mixtape this week to much hype following the internet sensations Peso and Purple Swag and it DID NOT disappoint (unlike another much hyped overly-hip bunch of hip hoppers), I think Rocky is gonna go up and up, production throughout the whole mixtape is spot on too featuring beats from Clams Casino whose release of beats earlier this year was phenomenal.

Tune Of The Week

26 Oct

Had to whack this up here as tune of the week, coz its just too freshhhhh. Made by fellow sound design student Dan Barker Wyatt. Some heavy drums a gwarn on a Blawan-esque tip, gotta love it