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Happy New Year + Tune Of….The Past 2 Weeks + Stray Landings: Residual Rifts

2 Jan

BBeen a while since I posted, but here’s first post of 2012, hope everyone sickied as much as I did on NYE, wouldn’t be right if you didn’t.

First off my boys at Stray Landings have finally put their compilation Residual Rifts up for download on the facebook page:


Featuring work from myself, Stavrogin, Ka & others, remember to get to their 2nd night at the jazz place in Brighton this wednesday


Also tune of the past 2 weeks.


Breach & Midland – 101

Everyone knows Breach for his absolute stomper “Fatherless”, his recent unreleased cuts being featured in mixes all over the shop are something else, I’d put all of em up here if I could, I just hope they get released, proper vibing chords, House Euphoria. Keep em comin’ Breach


Stray Landings Presents… Residual Rifts

22 Dec


New compilation of mind bending bass warped techno, garage, house and dubstep from my main boys at Stray Landings featuring a tune from me titled “London” plus some other smashers from the likes of: Aubyn, Stavrogin, Ka, Anima and Tarquin

They’re hosting their 2nd night at The Jazz Place in Brighton on the 4th of Jan, get down there!: http://www.facebook.com/events/330355323641423/