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Tune Of The Week

26 Oct

Had to whack this up here as tune of the week, coz its just too freshhhhh. Made by fellow sound design student Dan Barker Wyatt. Some heavy drums a gwarn on a Blawan-esque tip, gotta love it


New Beats > Yesterday & Sunday’s Groove

13 Oct


Made entirely out of field recordings gathered from a recent Sound Design field trip at Uni. Utilised numerous different microphones including ones built into the zoom recorder, directional mics, hydrophones etc.. Got sounds from the pond of a nature reserve, from the thames, people talking, machines, rocks, leaves etc…. Everything is a sample minus the synth work and sub.



Tried to get a jazzy/lounge feel with this one and then put my garage twist on it. Sampled some Marvin Gaye for the vocals, which for some reason I had never thought of doing before. Worked out very nicely.


More tingz upcoming!!!