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Tune Of The Week

3 Nov

NY’s A$AP Rocky let loose his mixtape this week to much hype following the internet sensations Peso and Purple Swag and it DID NOT disappoint (unlike another much hyped overly-hip bunch of hip hoppers), I think Rocky is gonna go up and up, production throughout the whole mixtape is spot on too featuring beats from Clams Casino whose release of beats earlier this year was phenomenal.


Tune of the week

10 Oct

Heard the legendary Oneman drop this on his Rinse FM show last night. Incredibly infectious. New beats coming up soon!

Here We Go

3 Oct

So here is my PROTOTYPE website/blog ting for university, you have to pay $30 a year to actually have a full on custom profile. So i’ve edited a theme as much as possible. YEAH I CREATED THAT BADMAN MINIMALISTIC LOGO IN PHOTOSHOP, YES I DID. So this page will gradually get better and flourish into a proper website as I am taught to use Dreamweaver and whatnot. I’ll begin posting links to what I’m working on and stuff up on here etc…

Recent Productions:

Etch : Fog

Etch : Spaceman Riddim

Baxman Riddim : Mirrors

I produce under the following alias’s: 

  • Etch : my main production alias, experimentations in garage and straight up dark styles
  • Baxman Riddim : experimentations in more dancefloor oriented styles such as house and footwork
  • Common Logic : a nostalgic outlet for the music that influences me the most (oldskool rave, breakbeat hardcore and jungle) built out of classic samples from the era
  • Slice Provider : a home for my sample based hip-hop tempo beats, influenced by golden era US hip hop
PEACE OUT YA’LL will update as regularly as possible!