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Recent Listenings…

14 Feb

Been a while since I updated this place, been absolutely swamped out with work at uni and been trying to get my producing head on a little bit more too (some clips to come soon), so I realize the “Tune Of The Week” idea is a bit distant at the moment; so I’ll just whack up what I been listening to recently:

DJ Die – Reincarnations

Big up Dan Barker-Wyatt for showing me this, excellent example of the Full Cycle sound in the mid-ninetees when Jungle was slowly turning into a darker, sleeker beast altogether. Reincarnations is an excellent example of the mannerisms of jungle being stripped back into a hazy smoke filled minimal bubble


Dismantle – Times Up

It’s fantastic when people you know really make tunes that turn your head. Will Knighton’s beastly UFO dubstep roller is exactly what I look for in the now extremely fragmented sound that was once dubstep. Dark vibes and weight. Big up William, taking over the world as we speak.


Mickey Pearce – Don’t Ask Don’t Get

Swamp81 raising the bar as usual for forward thinking mutations in bass music. Mickey Pearce (formally Shortstuff of the Blunted Robots) creates something that you literally cannot pin down in definition, but whatever it is, it’s fucking amazing.


Burial – Kindred

Yep. It’s here, Burial’s Kindred EP, seemingly to make up the 2nd part of his 3rd album (at least this is what I assume as Street Halo was released with Kindred on CD together in Japan), I could rant for ages about how sublime this new EP is (and in my eyes shitting all over Street Halo) but I don’t think I need to, we all know everything Burial touches turns to gold and that’s not just hype-mongering. My fav cut from the EP is definitely Kindred, the opening chords/pad/strings and choir vocal sample all together hitting a strange ethereal note sends a shiver down my spine, and the percussion as always is spot on. And the fact it’s over 11mins long just adds to the epicness of it all. Big up Burial, as always.


Skanna – Find Me

Found this in an untouched section in a mass of vinyl rips from my uncles hard drive i got years ago recently, I dunno why I never stumbled across it before and it seems just as I found it FACTmag did a lil’ article on one of Skanna’s EP’s which you can read here. Skanna provides exactly for what I look for in the magic years between 1991-1994 when acid house became breakbeat hardcore which became jungle. Smooth vibes and rolling drums and a prevalent sub. Skanna is probably one of the most underrated producers from the era. Need to start collecting all the bits he produced before producing wank trance as Quivver.


New Burial

14 Dec


Since a new EP entitled “Kindred EP” being announced by Kode9 as HDUB059 the internet has been BUZZING about the upcoming stuff from the omnipotent mysterious producer. With the tracklist being held back a japanese site let it slip

Burial – Kindred EP
1. Kindred

2. Loner

3. Ashtray Wasp

due for release in Japan in february


And tonight, at midnight, ScratchaDVA debuted a short snippet of Ashtray Wasp on the Hyperdub show on Rinse.fm. A beautiful piece of swinging 2-step with perfectly chopped up vocals and with Burial’s trademark pirate radio vibes. So naturally. here it is. on youtube.