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Tune(S?) Of The Week

18 Nov

I had to do 2 this week simply because I have been rinsing both the albums these tracks have come from so hard this week I couldn’t just pick one:


Balam Acab – Now Time From Wander/Wonder

Truly a beautiful piece of music, similar in vibe to Burial but a lot more uplifting as opposed to downcast and slowed down to a sluggish hip hop tempo. I think this kinda gets lumped in with that not-quite-there-and-not-quite-necessary genre ‘Drag House/Witch House’?? Who knows, either way I like it.


Clams Casino – All I Need From Clams Casino Instrumental Mixtape

I’ve been sitting on this album for quite some time without genuinely delving into it properly, until hearing the recent A$AP Rocky mixtape and learning a lot of the beats on it were made by Clams Casino, I then went back and listened to the instrumental mixtape and instantly fell in love with it. Similar in vibe to the Balam Acab track I posted, but a lot more mournful, perfect wintertime music.



Tune Of The Week

3 Nov

NY’s A$AP Rocky let loose his mixtape this week to much hype following the internet sensations Peso and Purple Swag and it DID NOT disappoint (unlike another much hyped overly-hip bunch of hip hoppers), I think Rocky is gonna go up and up, production throughout the whole mixtape is spot on too featuring beats from Clams Casino whose release of beats earlier this year was phenomenal.

Tune of the week

10 Oct

Heard the legendary Oneman drop this on his Rinse FM show last night. Incredibly infectious. New beats coming up soon!