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New track up – Where Were U In ’94?

17 Mar

Where Were U In ’94?

New beat, taking it back a bit, straight jungle vibes, crackly warm synths and crunchy chopped up breaks with some classic sample pack female vocals.  Also drop it down to dubstep in the middle. All about the 140 jungle.


Eyes Down March 31st – Blue Daisy, Whistla & Etch

1 Mar



The Lineage Project

23 Feb

You may have seen quite some posts back a huge post on the topic of oldskool breakbeat hardcore, jungle and rave. Declaring my love for it and labels such as Basement, Moving Shadow, Reinforced and Metalheadz. I find that modern music is always looking backwards to go forwards, almost as if we have used up everything (despite what Zomby may say about him being a god amongst men and the future of music, being completely “original”) Recently music has been looking back to garage, techno and classic house. But it seems that rarely does a musician take styles from the 1992-1994 golden age of breakbeat hardcore and also early jungle, there are a few bringing that vibe forth such as Lone and Machinedrum, however I still feel it to be extremely overlooked.

Despite taking my primary influence from Garage and Dubstep, this music has such a strong place in my heart and mind for how i piece together music and program my synths, so I have set it upon myself to create a series of remixes of classic tunes that I love from 1990-1996. Titled Lineage as I will be incorporating elements of every facet of UK dance music into the tunes from garage, house, dubstep, garage, jungle and breakbeat. So far I have begun work on remixes of:

  • Photek – The Rain
  • Aquasky – Cosmic Glue
  • Pin-Up Girls – Take Me Away
  • The Prodigy – Your Love
  • DJ Die – Reincarnation

With a lot more ideas in my head I think this will equal to a small albums worth of music which I will release for “PAY AS MUCH AS YOU LIKE” (worth a try), for now I’ve got two little snippets of the first mentioned tunes in that list.

01 – Aquasky – Cosmic Glue (Etch Grey SE10 Remix)

02 – Photek – The Rain (Etch Reflected Remix)

The first is one of my fav Jungle tunes of all time. Released on the legendary Moving Shadow way back in 1996, I sampled the original piano/pad samples then built around it with vocals, my own beats and some layered breakbeats in the vain of that lost slap and dash art of DIY rave.

The second is a Photek classic from the Natural Born Killa EP released on Metalheadz in 1994, Photek was always years ahead of his time with his complex drum programming and coldly executed razor edge perfect production. Again I sampled the single hit pads and effects featured on the intro and through out the tune then layered my drums, breakbeats and sub on the top.

Keep your eyes out, this is probs my most heartfelt project yet!!
Oh and here are the originals:

New Beat From Me – Tek-9

15 Feb

Etch – Tek-9 (Version01)

Made over about a week on and off. Recycling some of the sounds used in my previous tune “Consolidate”, tried to get a deep hardcore tinged garage vibe, some of my most complex beat work to date I think. Cut some evil slowed down vocal out of Wu-Tang Clan’s C.R.E.A.M. Version02 is a little mellower, nearly finished, should be upped in about a week

10,000 Soundcloud Plays

20 Jan

In celebration of reaching 10,000 plays on youtube, i’ve put together a pack of old tunes by me to let out. Some of these being nearly 4 years old.


Summer Rain

Ashanti – Call (Remix)

Stavrogin – Tilted (Remix)

Boards Of Canada – A is to B is to C (Remix)

Teej & Tom Caruana – Glastonbury (Remix)



Serene Feat. Josh Trinnaman


Enjoy, cheers fo’ da support thus far!

New Beat – Home

7 Jan


Produced in a day, pretty simple little beat, jus tried to fill it with vibe, pure sub, pad, vocal and beat, produced the ol’skool way, keep it real G.

New Grime Mix On Mixcloud – Merry Grimesmas!

25 Dec
Merry grimesmas