Tune(S?) Of The Week

18 Nov

I had to do 2 this week simply because I have been rinsing both the albums these tracks have come from so hard this week I couldn’t just pick one:


Balam Acab – Now Time From Wander/Wonder

Truly a beautiful piece of music, similar in vibe to Burial but a lot more uplifting as opposed to downcast and slowed down to a sluggish hip hop tempo. I think this kinda gets lumped in with that not-quite-there-and-not-quite-necessary genre ‘Drag House/Witch House’?? Who knows, either way I like it.


Clams Casino – All I Need From Clams Casino Instrumental Mixtape

I’ve been sitting on this album for quite some time without genuinely delving into it properly, until hearing the recent A$AP Rocky mixtape and learning a lot of the beats on it were made by Clams Casino, I then went back and listened to the instrumental mixtape and instantly fell in love with it. Similar in vibe to the Balam Acab track I posted, but a lot more mournful, perfect wintertime music.



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