Boards Of Canada

8 Nov

Since the day i discovered Boards Of Canada (probably about… 8-7 years ago now) every time I listen to their work i get a weird feeling. I can’t tell if it’s nostalgia, sadness, happiness or whatever, and as QUEER as that sounds, it’s true, they are truly the deepest most meaningful producers of our generation, not even Burial can equal the strange imagery and subliminal tapestry that Boards Of Canada create in their music, I find when I listen to just one song, I have to listen to them all with Boards Of Canada, and above are my definite favorites. I hope to one day tap that weird nerve sonically as Boards Of Canada do, almost how David Lynch creates that weird sense of dreaminess in his films. I also hope that Boards Of Canada make an epic come back, but lets be honest, they probably won’t, they’ll continue chilling in their little houses out in the Scottish countryside.

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